RMC200 loosing User Programs that are saved to Flash

We have a RMC200 (CPU40) Frm rev. 1.07.7A. There are two user programs that keep disappearing from the processor’s memory. I have locked down the RMCTools software, and there is no way that anyone is making any kinds of changes that could cause this. It happens every week. I go online, and the two files are on the offline project, but the online Programming folder is “banged out”. Upload from the processor, deletes the two User Programs on the offline project. On our server backup, I have to copy the original programs into the offline project, and download to the RMC, then save to flash. There are no power outages to the RMC that I’m aware of, it’s on a UPS. There is a OEM supplied FactoryTalk Studio SE project, that Operators and Maintenance personnel use to adjust the sizes, which modifies the Position Offsets. I don’t see how that could delete user programs from the RMC200’s memory. I have not seen anything from the firmware revision history, or on google. I’m going to update the firmware to v1.10.0 after shift today, to see if that helps. I highly doubt it. If anyone has seen anything like this…or has any input or ideas, it would be much appreciated. I have already talked to the OEM, and tried to call Brad Smith, but he’s on vacation all week.
Thanks in advance.

HI Paul,

I’ve ran into OEM’s that actually dump the complete controller image into the RMC from the PLC. They may dos this at power up, or when the hydraulics turn on. I am wondering if that is what’s happening here.

If you need tech support in the future and Brad is gone, you can always call (360) 254-8688 or email support@deltamotion.com and we will be happy to assist you.

The OEM assures me that they don’t write an image to the RMC200. They only make changes to the Position Offsets in the HMI (the travel limits have to be done with RMCTools, and not in the PLC). I have to weekly verify the maint/oper offset changes, and save them to flash. After updating the firmware last week, we have not experienced the problem. I’m going to wait another week, before getting enthusiastic. But…the firmware may have fixed the issue.