RMC75 Labview Interface

I am building a system that uses an RMC75 to run a single Parker cylinder through an Aries Drive. I have developed a Labview program that controls this very well as a VI. However, when I build this VI into an Executable, it does not work. I think it is a problem with the RMC drivers for labview because they do not return any errors, but there is no evidence that a connection was made. Any suggestions?

Application Builder will not work with the current version of our LabVIEW driver. We do have a patched version that addresses this issue, which can be obtained here:
Beta LabVIEW Instrument Drivers for the RMC70/150
To update you driver, simply replace the files in your instr.lib directory with the contents of the zip file.

Thanks, that took care of it for the most part. I still cannot debug from another computer unless I take your drivers out of the EXE. I get an error -1073807202 at VISA Close in dcsRMCxxx… when I exit the EXE.

I also get a fatal error upon connection when trying to debug the EXE (unless I take your drivers out) so I’m having trouble pinpointing what operation causes this error. I’m pretty sure it happens when closing the RMC session. If it is not causing any other problems, which it doesn’t appear to be, I will just suppress the error.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There was a slight issue with the Close VI that was not closing the TCP connection properly. I fixed the problem and you can now download the updated driver from the same link.

Beta LabVIEW Instrument Drivers for the RMC70/150

The beta drivers referenced in this thread are now the official LabVIEW driver. You can install it from the Tools > Instrumentation > Find Instrument Drivers menu in LabVIEW

The instrument driver uses dynamic dispatch VIs, so the directory that it gets built into must have the “preserve directory hierarchy” option checked.