RMC75 Synch Methods?


Here is my setup:

The 2 axes of motion are position only but I do have pressure transducers on both cylinders to monitor force.
We need to do the normal things

  • Jog +/- Each Axis Independently
  • Sync on
  • Sync off
  • Jog +/- Axes scnchronized
  • Perform Motion Profile synchronized

This isn’t a tight tolerance application so they want to jog each axis independently to get to where they want them to start synching and then send a bit to tell them to synch and they are together from there.

I created Servo Position Control axes for each cylinder and then I originally created reference axes using the pressures on the A2 cards for getting the forces. But that meant I didn’t have an axis left to make a reference to synch to as a master. (which seems the easiest way to do the synch stuff).

Should I ditch the force reference axes and just have a program that runs continuously to calculate the force using _AI[0] -> _AI[3]?


I think it should be possible to send commands to both axes simultaneously to move them in sync. Either the Move Absolute Relative or Sync Move Relative should work. This will let you keep your force reference axes.

Thanks Jacob,

I already went down the other road. The calculations are not that bad and thinking more about the application, I think I’ll really want the virtual axis to make the motion profile part of the job easier to do.

The machine stretches steel and for heavier material, I will have to slow down on the fly or create a curve to keep within the power limits of the machine. I’m thinking this will be a lot easier with my two sides geared to a virtual master. Otherwise, the adjustments or curve calculations will be doubled up and all those seem like they will be more complicated than just scaling pressure transducers to get forces… I figure worst case with the pressure signals I will have to add a little filter code but I’m going to start without it and see what happens.