RMCLink Wrapper Class

I used RMCLink with C#.NET windows application for a machine HMI. I ended up writing a wrapper class around RMCLink using Reflection so I can use TagNames instead of addresses from the RMC in my HMI Application. Its just plain easier to program when you can select an RMC Variable using the IntelliSense features of Visual Studio. :unamused:

I have attached a Sample Wrapper Class
using RMCLinkNET;
public RMCLink rmc;

RMC70Helper statusHelper = new RMC70Helper(rmc);
RMCfn70VarCurValues statusVar = new RMCfn70VarCurValues();
statusHelper.ReadInfo(FileNumber70.fn70VarCurValues, ref statusVar);
statusVar.PinOpenClose_HMI = 1;
statusHelper.WriteInfo(FileNumber70.fn70VarCurValues, ref statusVar);

If you would like a complete Visual Studio 2005 Solution Sample, Don’t hesitate to contact me.

ShermanRMCHelperClass.zip (12.2 KB)