RMCWin on Windows Server Issues

RMCWin running on Windows Server will not connect to RMC100 via Ethernet. The RMC100 does respond to ping requests and it does show up in the browse list in the Communication Options dialog. Error message is shown below.

error msg.png

Windows Server 2008 and newer support Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN). The RMC100 TCP IP stack was created before ECN was implemented and doesn’t support connections with ECN enabled. Note that ECN is enabled by default on Windows Server 2012 and newer.

ECN must be disabled on the Windows Server OS in order to communicate with the RMC100 via RMCWin. To turn off ECN support, open an administrative command prompt and run the command:
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=disabled

More details on ECN can be found at the below link.