Set up LAN in Windows 7 for Ethernet connect to RMC75

Sorry… this is a real basic question. I’ve never set up a LAN network config, in my PC. The tutorials on the web and YouTube are not much help, they tend to include uses involving the internet and WiFi… I just want to log into my RMC75E . and have more fun than ever learning about it… Does anyone out there know the basic steps to setup a new LAN network in a PC windows 7 laptop… I know i will be able to set the IP address and subnet mask of the RMC… it’s just the network itself that escapes me… DUH. Yes, I can log in using USB… But… I want to use the Internet connection.

You can just plug an Ethernet cable from the PC to the RMC. Your PC should already be all set up. You will need to find the IP address of the PC and make sure the RMC’s IP address is compatible.

An IP address has 4 numbers separated by a period, like You will also need a subnet mask, which specifies which subset of the IP numbers must match. For example, with a subnet of, that means the first 3 numbers of all the items on the network must match, and the last must be different.

RMCTools tells you what the PC’s IP address is. In the Project pane, expand Modules, then double-click the CPU. On the Ethernet page, the PC’s IP address will be shown, but make sure in the drop-down box, that you select the PC’s wired LAN connection. Set the Subnet mask to, then set the RMCs first 3 numbers identical to the PC’s first 3 numbers, then set the last one to be different.

Thanks Again Jacob … very clear
Your help made it all work great… I wanted to do the setup using Ethernet, instead of USB… So far, all is well… :slight_smile:

Regards, Michael