Setting Discrete Output

We are trying to set the Discrete Output #0 on the CPU module. It should turn ON the Discrete Output #0 when the Transducer Overflow error bit turns On. What is the procedure for that. Please be specific, we need to program it also in VB. The tests are done using the RMCTools. The print image is attached. When checking the program, some error pops out, see the attached image.

To turn on a Discrete Output, send the Discrete Output command. You can do this directly with VB, the same way you send any command. Or, it can be done from a user program.

Perhaps the best way to automatically turn a discrete output on automatically is to use the Program Triggers. Set up a trigger that reads “_Axis[0].ErrorBits.TransOverflow”. Then have the condition start a user program that simply sends a Set Disrete Output command. This requires no programming in VB. The RMC just has to be in RUN mode.

Thanks. Was is wrong with the example I sent you? What is wrong with “Wait for”, it is red. What it is “out of range step”?

The Wait For Link Type jumps to the next step, but there is no next step. You either need to make a next step, or if you want to jump to some other step (like the first step), then use a different link type.