Siemens HMI

Has anyone used an RMC7E with a Siemens MultiPanel HMI? I was wondering if the normal Modicon Modbus TCP/IP provided in the Siemens configuration software worked.

Wow someone else using Siemens. Welcome.

I got good news and bad news. I see no reason that Siemens panels should not work with the RMC controllers. However I have not been able to get it to work. My thought is that you should be able to set it up just like the Red Lion example making the panel think its an AB PLC. I have only tried it with WinCC flex 2007. I don’t know if 2008 has any updates that would help. Most of my projects I use a PC running WinCC Flex Runtime. You can use the VBS example and connect to the RMC with runtime. However it does not work in Windows CE.

If you have any luck with this let me know. I have been using the Red Lion panels for the small jobs where I don’t need a PLC. I would spend a little more and get the Siemens panel if I could get it to work.


If you could get a WireShark capture of the Ethernet when trying to get the Siemens HMI to talk to the RMC, we could look at it and perhaps figure out why it isn’t working.