simulate the signal output

I’d like to make the sine,triangle,square wave signal with Control output.
The Control output regisiter is Read Only memory.
So, I can not write the new value to the Control output register.
How can I make the sine, triangle, square wave with Control output ?

[color=red]Misleading Info here - read on for a better answer

Control loop with P gain of 1.

Sine command for sine output
Open Loop Rate for triangle
Open loop rate with huge ramp rate for square wave

Make haults related to feedback status only.

Okay, I know the method made trignale,square wave by openloop rate commnand.
Could you show me the exam program for sine wave signal output ?
I don’t know how to make the sine wave about Control output.
How to change the Amplitude, frequency ?
The Amplitude of this sine wave is Control output. that is Voltage output.

My first recommendation for the sine was wrong.

Try this program. All variables are REAL’s and defined in the variable table.
SineFrequency is entered in Hz.
SineAmplitude in Volts.

This keeps going forever so you’ll have to add some code or a trigger to stop the program.