Simulated Tuning fails to give "tuned" plots

I was under the impression that you could practice tuning in “simulated” mode. Launch the tuning wizard, which is designed to up-load test plots of suggested settings for specific positive and negative moves. A function it performed nicely. Both positive and negative moves produced nice plots. And, the creation of PID-gain perimeters to be selected using a slider adjusting between Low and High gain, was also produced.

A choice of positive or negative moves is then performed to test the selected gain. An’ just when a command button is pressed, a problem window pops up, saying in effect the expected plot (which is never shown) doesn’t match the plot format used to make the first observed plots… and you never get to see the effect of tuning.

Hmmmm… the plot upload process is “automatic” … so, I’m wondering why the PID gain-applied runs don’t produce plots that can be uploaded for tuning evaluation.

Is the problem that there is no actual actuator connected to the RMC… and we are in “Simulated" Mode? … and no one in their right mind would attempt tuning in that mode…? :laughing:

Tuning works just fine in simulate mode. The problem you encountered is a difference in the plot layout from the project and controller. Every once in a while it can get goofed up through no fault of your own. To fix it, in the Project Tree, right-click Plots and choose Download Plot Templates to Controller.

Thanks… I’ll give it a try