Simulating a move with RMC75E-QA1 . no transducer error

Tried to follow training video #1 (great video) but I have a RMC75E-QA1 … and the video uses a MA2 … following the same moves got me into some trouble … Defined the axis as best I could then ran the Simulation Tutorial… that was going great, until I ended up with a bunch of yellow boxes … some of the configurations that were in the RMC75E would be transferred and were “blue”… and in spite of the text… I couldn’t change those … ended up with a “no transducer” error… Hmmm… So, my question is… do you have to have a quadrature feedback attached to the CPU to do a simulated run…?

There should be virtually no difference between simulating an MA axis vs a QA axis. If you have yellow boxes, that means there is a difference between the controller value and the project value, and you need to download the values to the controller. If this is in the Axis Tools window, click the download icon in the Axis Tools toolbar.

In simulate mode, you do not need to have anything physically connected to the RMC.

Thanks Jacob… I just figured out what the yellow box means … (DUH) came back here to delete this post… and you answered it … The recently discovered RMC Tools manual is awesome. Rarely have I seen instructions written so well. Hopefully, I won’t be asking such basic questions in the future :blush:

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