Single-ended or Neuter Output Magnetostrictive Transducers

A customer wants to upgrade the controls on their system without replacing their old magnetostrictive transducers. The older transducer is configured as a single-ended (neuter) Start/Stop or PWM output.

Note: Single ended signals are very susceptible to noise and Delta always recommends using differential signals (RS422 line drivers).

Tempo I and Tempo II transducers can be configured as neutered outputs. If the part number of a Tempo II transducer ends with the stroke length, it is factory configured as a neutered output. However, the transducers are field upgradeable to add a personality module. The best way to check if a Tempo II transducer has a neutered output is to look inside the transducer head. If two boards are visible in the transducer head, it has a personality module.

The RMC150 MDT card supports single-ended outputs natively. When wiring single-ended transducers to the RMC MDT module, make sure to follow the wiring diagrams provided in the help. This includes making sure the -RET pin on the RMC is disconnected.

The RMC75E-MA2 module and RMC200-S8 module do not natively support single-ended outputs. A signal converter such as the RPS10 or AMP/10 must be used to convert the single-ended output to an RS-232 output. We recommend placing the converter close to the transducer to take advantage of the noise immunity provided by the differential signals between the RMC and the converter.

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