Sinusoidal Velocity cycle generation

I am working on an application where I need to control the actuator velocity in Sinusoidal, Triangular and Square wave pattern with specified amplitude and frequency. I tried using Move absolute (20) command to generate sin velocity waveform. As the frequency and amplitudes are known I have calculated the velocity & acceleration using following formulation.

Time:= (1/frequency)/2
Velocity:= 1.5* distance/Time
Acceleration=Deceleration:= 3.0* distance/Time*Time

I have put thease values in Move Absolute command parameters but I am unable to generate pure sinusoidal Target velocity with this. For your reference I am here with attaching results what I am getting with this.

Can somebody guide me in solving this problem?.

Also if somebody can guide me in generating Triangular velocity wave form it will be a great help.

Thanks and regards,

Velocity Plot.pptx (208 KB)

Try this example project, which has velocity square waves, velocity triangle waves, and velocity sine waves. This example will only work on position axes.

You can export the user programs from this project, then import them to your own project. The variables are automatically included in the export/import.
VelocitySigGen.rmcproj (43.4 KB)

Dear Jacob,

Thanks for the Example program. I able to get expected results with the example program.

Thank you once again for your valuable support.