Slave or Link Multiple RMC150's


We have been using RMC150’s (and some 100’s) in various applications for a while, typically controlling 4 axes or so from a given controller. We are just starting to look at controlling much more complex systems (i.e., larger number of axes). Is it possible to set up multiple RMC150’s such that RMC(A) is a “master” (or maybe another term applies), and the programs running on RMC(A) control the axes on that controller plus those on RMC(B) as well, making RMC(B) a sort of slave?


Yes, it is possible, but it really depends on how tightly the motions need to be synchronized. It is easiest if the one RMC just needs to trigger a sequence on the other RMC. What exactly to you need to do? How many axes do you need to control?

“…one RMC just needs to trigger a sequence on the other RMC.”

  • I suppose this could this be as simple as a discrete output from RMC A used as a condition to run a sequence on RMC B? I can picture this working where each axis is set up on its respective controller, then triggered as needed from the “master” RMC.

I think the total # of axes is 11, but we may leave control of some of those to other devices (TBD). What we are doing is setting position of a test article (both lateral and angular positions), where a number of coupled position devices are used to set the final test article position.

Yes, a simple discrete output works very well. If you want both items to be triggered within the same loop time, you can set on RMC to turn on a discrete output that goes to that same RMC and to the remote RMC. What is your time frame on this project?

Right, that makes sense. It’s sort of like developing a group of function calls within a single program, except I’d be distributing the “functions” over multiple locations. Easy enough, thanks!

Our timeframe is pretty far out right now - right now we’re just exploring possible ways to tackle the problem.