SLC5/05 connection problems

Here is a list of common reasons why the SLC5/05 cannot connect to an RMC via Ethernet using a MSG block. This is from We at Delta have run into customers whose firmware was version 5, as noted below. Updating the SLC5/05 firmware fixed the problem.

Things to check when getting an error code 37 on the MSG. Error code 37 h is described as “Message timed out in the local processor”

  • Incorrect node number, see target node
  • Missing the 2nd rung of logic that is part of the MSG, See Ref. Manual Pub. 1747-6.15
  • Increase the Pre Transmit Delay Time, ex. 50
  • Too many MSGs being triggered at the same time (MORE THAN 4 MSGs)
  • Old FRN. The SLC5/05 Series A requires FRN 5 and the SLC5/05 Series C requires FRN 3 in order to be able to communicate using EtherNet/IP
  • The message is assigned to the wrong com port. ex CH1 instead of CH0
  • The communication cable is defective or not connected to the processor.
  • The channel configuration between the target device and the source are not compatable.
  • The message errored the first time it ran and was not programmed to restart with the error and done bit unlatching the enable bit. ( used for SLC and Micrologix processors ) This will lock the error and the message until it is started again. Errors will clear automatically when the problem is

If you are communicating with a remote RMC, make sure you can communicate via TCP ports 44818 (Ethernet/IP I/O) and 2222 (CSP).

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