SMC pneumatic pressure regulator

How well would a RMC do with a SMC analog regulator and SMC analog sensor?
I have to add to this.
This application is about pushing a stack steel. They dont want to send it sailing? uh flow control.
Production supervisors get to design, good for Delta cause they love you.
I dont care cause I love devices.
I am trying to get a handle on what to do with it. I have no detection of pusher position.
Any idea of implantation?
Per-haps if the pressure builds so high add pressure?

I assume your are talking about pneumatics. A hydraulic system would be easy.

You really should have position feedback. If you just want to keep the pressure from increasing then the SMC analog regulator will do that. The problem is that the pressure set point may not be enough in all cases. The advantage of the position feedback is that the controller knows when it is moving past the target so it reduces pressure to avoid overshoot.

What about stopping?
How much weight?
How fast?
How far?

We have other customers pushing very heavy rolls of steel. They all use hydraulics that is the save way to go if you are talking about more than a few hundred pounds.

yea, same questions I asked. Others buy because salesmen talked them into it. Expect me to make it work. They got pressure feedback? I know I need to know if its moving??? I want to work with what they bought if I can. Really I dont want to but I will try. Never mind weight will change a lot. Without knowing position it wont work.
Still want to know if pneumatics will work with a RMC.

Yes it will. I have not done it but we have looked into it a couple of times. Seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. Look in the RMC Tools help file under pneumatics and you will get more info.