SSI Linear Displacement Transducers


Many of Delta’s customers have successfully used the linear position transducers with SSI ouput listed below. The RMCs accept both Binary and Gray Code options, but Delta recommends Binary coded transducers because it is easier to monitor the signals using anoscilloscope scope, and Gray code has no benefits.

MTS Temposonics
R-series: Make sure to specify the synchronized 02 option, as described on page 14 of the pdf below. If using the Advanced options, it is any of the synchronized options.

E-series: The economical line. The SSI option works with the RMC, but the resolution isn’t as high as the R-series.

Balluff BTL5, BTL7
Make sure to specify the synchronized option B, as described in the Balluff transducer catalog.

BML series: Make sure to specify SSI.

AMETECK Gemco 953S
Make sure to specify the Synchronous Position Update option.

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Simple Hydraulic Motion Control using Analog input

I just tried out a Turck SSI Linear Displacement Traducer and worked out well.


Delta tested the Turck SSI transducer, and found that it is not synchronous, which creates serious control problems. It may work for slow speeds.