Starting User Programs by writing to a variable

The simplest method of starting a program is to write to a variable. This is useful for communicating with the RMC from a PLC. Once it is set up, the PLC simply needs to write to a value to a variable in the RMC to start the user program.

This is how to do it:

  1. Make the User Programs
    For example, this project has 3 user programs:

  2. Make a Variable
    Make a variable that will be used to start the user programs.

  3. Make Program Triggers Entries
    Make Program Triggers entries that will start the user programs for various values of the variable.

  4. Write to the Variable
    To run a program, simply write a number to the variable to start the user program. To repeat the same user program, you must first write a non-used value to the variable (such as zero in this case), then write the number again.
    The RMC must be in RUN mode.

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