stepped electric input signals

How to use transition function with stepped electric input signals?
What’s the relationship between stepped electric input signals and bode plots

I am assuming the stepped electric input signals are from a PLC and are proportional to the the position.
I would not use the transition command to go to command positions from a PLC analog signal.
I would use the track position (I-PD) command 58. The analog input must be scaled to convert voltage to millimeters.
The master register of the track position (i-PD) command should be set to the scaled position in millimeters.
The track position (I-PD) command only needs to be issued once. After that the axis will always move to the
position pointed to by the master register. This is very easy. Now the PLC can change the electrical signal
anytime and the RMC will move to the position indicated by the analog input.

Stepped inputs signals are inputs. The Bode plot indicates how the system will respond to the inputs.