Strange Fault when entering RUN mode RMC75E

Every time I enter run mode, I get an error that I don’t understand.

In the Event Log I get a Red X and then “Task Fault on Task 1”
At: Jog_Stop_Independent.0
Reason: Task not allowed to run this program.

This program has one command.
Stop (Closed Loop) (6) DecelRate 20 pu/s^2


Everything seems to work OK after that but it still kind of bothers me. I thought, perhaps on the first scan the program was trying to run on task 0 and 1 at the same time (which I don’t think is an issue) but I added a condition to the triggers so it wouldn’t run during the first scan so I’m really not sure what is going on.

My triggers are here:


In the project tree, if you right-click a user program and choose Properties, you will see on the Tasks page that you can define which tasks it can run on. It this the source of your problem?

Thanks Jacob, I had forgotten about that. When I changed that program to be able to run on any number of tasks, the issue went away.

I also noticed that I had the trigger behavior set to Legacy (Under Programs/properties) but setting it to the (Recomended) setting alone didn’t seem to fix the issue.