Synchronizing position of 2 axes, limiting pressure

I’ve just received my Delta 151E controller and am learning how to use it. I thought I’d ask for some advice at the get-go.

I have two cylinders whose position I want to synchronize. The two cylinders are essentially part of a press brake. One cylinder is on one end of the brake while the other cylinder is on the opposite end of the brake. Each cylinder will have SSI feedback. Additionally, each cylinder will sport two pressure sensors. I can’t guarantee that the cylinders will be equally loaded.

I’d like to move both cylinders so as to keep the brake parallel. I’d like to continue moving until a pressure threshold is reached. This threshold may be reached by either cylinder. Once either cylinder exceeds the pressure threshold, I want to stop the downward motion.

I believe I can synchronize the two cylinders by utilizing a virtual axis. For detecting the pressure threshold, I can make the program loop and check all pressure feedback every loop. Is there a better way to get the same functionality?



The easiest way is to use the Synch Move Absolute command. Send it to both axes at the same time, for example, from a single step in a user program. Monitoring the pressure as you suggested will work.

Here is an example: