Task Stops at Same Step

My application is a hydraulic 400 ton press. I can move the press down to just before pressure starts building up where the switch force (US ton) is met then proceeds to the next phase (Phase 4). Phase 4 has several programmed force & time values where the force is met for the time programmed then will move on to the next index values. The plot reveals that the task stops at step 11 with no reference as to why. Any thoughts as to why this stops in same place each time?

Lab Press.rmcproj (178.1 KB)

Step 11 is waiting for
Fnet >= Ph3_Switch_Force

So is it possible that Ph3_Switch_Force is set to a number that cannot be achieved?

Other possibilities are the entries in the Program Triggers that stop task 0.

Attached is the plot

Lab Press Task Stops.rmcplotx (26.3 KB)

You should add Ph3_Switch_Force to your plot so that you can compare that to F_net