Temposonics II Transducer with Digital Personality Module (DPM)

Temposonics II transducers with the Digital Personality Module (DPM) can interface with the RMCs. These transducers need to be configured for External Interrogation which is indicated as the E towards the end of the PN (TTS … DE004)

Steps to use this transducer:

  1. Configure as External Interrogation. The manual below contains steps to change the Interrogation method.
    550093.pdf (439.3 KB)

  2. Wire the transducer as External Interrogation. Pins 9 and 10 below must be connected.

  3. Configure the RMC’s position feedback as a PWM input.

  4. In the RMCTools software scale and offset wizard, include the number of recirculations indicated by the last 3 numbers of the part number. In the example above, the number of recirculations is 4.