Told Peter I got it but I don't

I PM’d Peter and said I got it but I don’t. I am trying to setup a project offline and keep failing with the RMC 75E. I started with the program example provided CLX simple. When I changed it to an AA2 I get a saturated output error. and I cant figure out what to do help dosent help. Your current posters are in the know. I want to be. I have used PLC PID’s in the past and I know this is much better. I am hoping for help to make me proficient with the RMC.

Anytime the output goes to max the first thing I think of is the feedback is backwards to the drive. However if you are in simulate mode then I don’t think this applies. So the first thing I would check is to make sure your in simulate mode. If thats ok I would look at the tuning. I always use the tuning variables out of the help file for simulate mode. They work great and most of the time I just want to test a program, get some plots make sure it does what I want. If the tuning looks ok I would look at the feedback scale. Make sure one count is not one position unit. This doesn’t work very well because you can only go to whole numbers. For example you can go to 1 and 2 but not 1.5 Basicly you don’t have any resolution. Next I would look at the Output Limit. This sets up max control output. Maybe it is set below 10.

That’s where I would start. You could post your program or give a little more info about when you get this alarm. I may have some other ideas then.

When you change feedback devices you must make sure the new device is scaled correctly. Once this is don’t the previous PID gains should work as before.

Do what CharlesM suggested. Make sure the wiring is correct too.

You should be able to move the actuator back and forth in open loop mode BEFORE putting the system in closed loop mode. When moving the actuator back and forth you should be able to verify that the feed back is working as expected.

My tuning was off. I forgot I started this project and had a RMC with an MA2 on it and I had did tune on it. I needed one with a AA2. I changed RMC’s and downloaded the program ton it. I have been moved to a different project now. I am going to post a new question about it. Thanks