Troubles at startup

RMCTools falls at startup under Windows XP SP2 with unknown exception…
Anybody knows what could be the problem?

We have it running here just fine on XP SP2. Does uninstalling and reinstalling make a difference?

Otherwise, you can try renaming the registry key used by RMCTools. To do so, close RMCTools, run regedit.exe, browse to HKEY_Current_User>Software>Delta Computer Systems, Inc>RMC70Tools. Rename the RMCTools key to something like RMC70ToolsOld. When RMCTools starts, it will then use default registry settings (and create a new RMC70Tools key), which may possibly make a difference. If this does help, we would like to get your old RMC70Tools key to try to reproduce the problem here.

This problem was not in the operating system,
I found SSE2 instructions in the program code.
My ancient processor does not support this instruction set.
On a newer PC program starts fine.

We appreciate your discovery! We did not even realize that our compiler was using SSE2 instructions.

Is your problem satisfactorily resolved with going to a newer computer? If need be, we should be able to build an executable for 32-bit machines without the SSE2 instructions. The functionality should be identical. We may have difficulty thoroughly testing this, since we likely do not have a machine with an ancient processor.