U14 with 2 load cell inputs instead of 4 analog inputs


It would be nice to have a second version of the U14 card but with 2 load cell inputs instead of 4 analogs inputs.

The LC8 module is nice, but we rarely see projects that needs more than 1 or 2 load cell inputs.

We ofen do hydraulic press projects that require to control 1 or 2 axes that use SSI position feedbacks and load cells.


Thank you for the request. Yes, we also have been considering the load cells applications that are only 1 or 2 axes. The RMC200 is rather expensive for 1 or 2 axis applications, although it does offer faster loop times. I am curious, for most applications, do you feel it would be better with a U14 module with load cell inputs, or perhaps some other solution, for example, an expansion module on the RMC75 with one load cell input?

-Jacob Paso

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