Uninstall RMC Tools RESOLVED

There doesn’t appear a way to uninstall RMC Tools, and all associated files. RMC Tools does not show up in the options for “Uninstalling” a program via Control Panel. Also, Using System Mechanic Pro’s “professional” uninstaller … also doesn’t list any of Delta RMC files in their assesment of programs that could be uninstalled. Naturally, the RMC Tools folder is in: Computer/Local Disk (C) / Program Files/ RMC Tools … :slight_smile:

Soooo… how is it done? Do I just drag the entire folder to the trash? I need to remove it from a computer I’m giving back to the seller, for a better computer … from the same seller… not to worry, it will be reinstalled.

Regards, Michael Lambert

Got awesome info from PAUL HUUMALA @ Delta: “Try running the installer for RMCTools again and selecting Remove in the installer wizard to remove RMCTools from your PC. I tried the windows uninstaller and it didn’t completely remove it. This should completely remove it.” image001.png

Also: “If that doesn’t work, try some of the steps in the below link.”

Delta Support… Always great! I just wanted to try the forum first…

Delta Computer Systems Website