Unsaved Plot Reminder

I would find it helpful if, when there are unsaved plots in the plot manager, and I go to close RMCTools that a reminder pops up and asks if I would like to save plots with Yes/No/Cancel buttons. Yes would be like selecting Plots/Save Plots; No would just close RMC Tools and Cancel would just close the message window and leave you back where you were.

Maybe make this behavior dependent on a switch in the Tools/Option/Environment window in case some people would not want it.

Thank you! We have received several requests for this, and are considering how to best implement it.

I would like to bring up this request again as just yesterday, I was leaving a customer and closed RMCTools before saving my plots… I know it is my fault but usually at the end of a day there is a lot going on (in this case, there was a machine crash) and I would really appreciate a reminder to save plots if desired.

Jacob asked how to implement it and I would recommend a check box on the window at Tools/Options/Environment that says “Reminder to Save Plots on Close”
If this box is checked, then when you close RMCTools, it looks to see if there are any Recently Uploaded plots. If so, a popup appears that says "You may have unsaved plots. Do you still want to exit? Yes/No.