Use from Visual Basic 5.0/6.0

I would like to add a Reference to the RMCLink 2.0 Type Library.

I try follow the guidance on your “” :

Adding a Reference to the RMCLink 2.0 Type Library
To add this reference:

1.In Visual Basic 5.0 or 6.0, open your project.

2.On the Project menu, click References.

3.Under Available References, scroll down until you find “RMCLink 2.0 Type Library”.

4.Check the box next to “RMCLink 2.0 Type Library”.

5.Click OK.

The “RMCLink 2.0 Type Library” does not exist. From where can I download the Library ?

thanks !


You can download RMCLink from this page:

After downloading and installing RMCLink, if you still don’t see the reference in the list, you can browse to it.
The path will be C:\Program Files\RMCLink\RMCLink.dll, or replace C:\Program Files with the directory you installed RMCLink in.