Using Qt with DMCP

This example Qt project allows the user to write to and read from an RMC using the Delta Motion Control Protocol (DMCP).

image (10.4 KB)

To connect to an RMC, the user must enter the RMC’s IP address, then click “Connect”. Once the application has connected to the RMC, the user can write to the specified address using the “Set value” field or read from the specified address using the “Get value” field.

Please note that the application assumes that all addresses’ data types are REAL. Attempting to use the application to write and read addresses with DINT or DWORD data types may result in unexpected behavior. In your own applications, write your code to use whichever data type corresponds to those in your variable table.

To build the application, you will need to install Qt ( A free, open-source version of Qt is available under the GPL and LGPL licenses. The Qt Online Installer should allow you to install the Qt Creator IDE. For more information on Qt Creator, including how to build and run projects with it, please see the Qt Creator Manual (Qt Creator Manual).