VC-2124 question

I am using a VC-2124 to drive a 40 mA servo valve. The servo controller output into the VC-2124 is +/- 5 Volts (max). But it is +/- 5 V around a “Common” of +10 V. Works well, but so far I am only using one channel.
But now I am concerned about connecting a 2nd controller channel to the 2nd input of the same VC-2124. The VC-2124 datasheet states that the 2 Commons of the VC-2124 are “electrically the same”. I assume this means that they are tied together (Is that correct?). If so, I don’t want to do this, as a slight difference in the 2 (+10V) controller commons would cause one channel to affect the other (at least that’s what I think). In any event, I want each controller channel (Controller + VC-2124) to be completely separate entities.
So my question is: Is there a way to “un-common” the 2 VC-2124 commons (pins 2 and 5)? So that the 2 commons of the VC-2124 are electrically separate?
If not, I suppose I could use a single VC-2124 unit for each controller (total of 6 controllers). But this would require buying addtl VC-2124’s and only using 1 channel of each VC-2124.
Any comments appreciated.

The commons on the two channels of the VC2124 cannot be isolated.
Based on your description it would appear you need one VC2124 per controller output.
If you can send me more information about the controller output such as a circuit diagram, wiring diagram or detailed specifications I may be able to come up with a way to use both channels on each VC2124.

Update: VC-2124 question:
I ordered and installed additional VC-2124’s so that each control channel is comprised of one servo controller and one VC-2124, using just one input/output of each VC-2124 per channel. That was the easiest way to go, works good, no prob. Thx

Thanks for the update, and I am glad it works!