Velocity control via incremental encoder input


We have a basic application where we will have two servo motors that we want to control in velocity mode (0-20k RPM). We will be using an RMC200 with U14 that has two incremental quadrature encoder inputs. I would like to use those encoder inputs on the U14 for the spindle speed feedback for closed loop control. Both motors will need to rotate CW and/or CCW, depending on the application (this is a product testing machine). It appears to be rather straight forward in RMC Tools for scaling the encoder inputs for a position-control application. How would this be done for say, scaling the encoder inputs where the encoder wheel on the spindle has 360 PPR, and we want to measure spindle rotation speed?

It seems there is easy way in RMC Tools for this application when using an analog input on the RMC, which I certainly can do. However, I’d prefer to use the U14 encoder inputs directly for this.


Hi Don,

There sure is. Please view this help topic, Scaling Rates on a Position Axis, which describes how to scale the counts so the velocity is displayed in RPM.