Virtual Axis Definitions

I have my RMC150 setup with 4 real axis and 1 virtual axis. I have a couple spare analog inputs that I want to setup as a position ref. When I add the analog inputs in the virtual axis is moved from axis 5 to axis 6. Then I have to go through my program chaning the axis numbers from 5 to 6. Is there a way to keep the virtual axis at 5 or does it always come last?


I think it is possible to do so if you edit the xml project. Open the rmcproj file in an xml-oriented text editor (Notepad++ works great), then find the “<Axis” tags. Reorder the Axis tags so they are in the order you need. This involves cutting and pasting large sections of text. Each Axis tag will have a sub-tag called “AxisNumber”. Make sure to change this tag to the proper number. Make sure that no axis has the same number. The order of the Axis tags and the AxisNumber of each axis tag must match, and they should be in increasing order, such as 0,1,2,3,4,5, not 0,2,3,1,4.

RMCTools appears to be all right with this type of change. I have not actually tried out making programs with it, so there might be some gotchas. Let me know how it works!

In the future, we plan on adding up/down buttons in the axis definitions dialog so you can reorder the axes from there.

That worked. The only odd thing is my virtual axis was setup as a rotary. After the move it became a linear. Not hard to change but may be worth looking into.