Writing To RMC75S with AutomationDirect Dl-250

I need a little help figuring how to write a value to my indirect data table F18:10 - %MD56.1 Using a DL-250CPU. I would like the operator to enter a value via a CMORE to VMemory 10000 (for example 1.750), then the operator will press a button to download any changes to the RMC and that value be written to the RMC.

I assume the part that is causing problems is calculating the address. Here is how to do it:

  1. Find the Modbus Address
    In the Indirect Data Map, you can right-click a cell in the Reg # column, choose Address Format, then select Modbus. The addresses will be displayed in Modbus format.
    You can also find the Modbus addresses in the Register Map help topic.
  2. Subtract 1 from Modbus address
    This is because the Modbus address is 1-based, and the AutomationDirect addressing is zero-based.
  3. Convert to Octal
    I use my Windows calculator to do this.

Example: Address for Indirect Data item F18:10

  1. In the Indirect Data Map, with MOdbus Address Format, we see that the Modbus address is 21
  2. 21 – 1 = 20
  3. 20 in octal is 24

Notice that the Indirect Data Map in RMCTools was originally placed at Modbus address 9217. However, we made a duplicate address starting at zero because some devices could not access higher addresses. Therefore, if you look in the Register Map, the Indirect Data Map will be located in two different places. Either place references the exact same thing.

Or, you can upgrade your DL250 CPU with the new Do-More H2-DM1E CPU ($399) with built-in USB and Ethernet, free programming software, built-in Modbus/TCP, no octal numbers(!!!) and more memory, and make your life easier. That is, unless it would require you to completely reprogram your application.

I actually have a H2-DM1E CPU. I purchased it a few weeks ago to mess around with and learn what features it has. I guess now is a perfect time to start.

I dont see an example for the Do-More CPU, have one by chance?

Nope, unfortunately not. It just recently came to our attention that it exists. I downloaded the software and it does seem easier, though.

I connected the RMC75S and I do have it transfering data, but for some strange reason no matter what value I enter in my dataview I only get the value 3 in the indirect data map. Plus I’ll only get that value if my variable table for that address type is DINT??