Zero a Load Cell

Hello Everyone,
I am brand new using RMC tools and I have been tasked with getting a test running asap. I have the programs written but I can not seem to find a function that allows me to zero my load cell before each test.

Please advise.

To do this, you can write a user program that adjusts the Force Offset. For example, if the Actual Force is 34.23, and you wish to zero it, you would adjust the Force Offset by -34.23.

A user program that does this could look like this:

You’ll want to test it to make sure I presented this correctly.

Thanks a ton! I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

When I try this program there are two things happening:

1.) It only reduces the force by very small increments, for instance I have to hit the ‘SEND’ button multiple times to get the force down close to zero.

2.) It is giving me a fault that leads back to my ‘Force Scale’ in the ‘Axis Parameters’ window.

Any further advice will be helpful.

That example can’t be right. Put the Force Scale back where it was and change the Force Offset. The text was right the picture is wrong.

The image was indeed wrong, although I changed it, so now it should be right.

It may be that you need to put the axis in direct output while making this change.