Follow the absolute position with a position sensor

I want the cylinder to follow a position sensor, the axis type of the command sensor is the reference axis.If I use the “Gear Absolute” or “Move Absolute” command, the cylinder will vibrate due to the “noise” of the command sensor.Cylinder travel is 8 times the range of the command sensor, which results in 8 times noise amplification.
The solution I want to solve is to follow the target position, because the target position is smooth, but the reference axis has no target position.
At present, the method I use is Move Absolute (i-PD), but this instruction also has the problem of slow response speed. I would like to know whether there is a better solution.
Thank you!

Hi Phil,

I recommend using filtering on your reference axis to help clean up the input signal. The filter parameters can be found in Axis Tools on the All tab (see below).

Also, if you are looking at methods to follow the signal, there are three methods you could try:

  1. Dynamic Retargeting
  2. Tracking (57 )
  3. Tracking (I-PD) (58)

All three of these methods are discussed here.

Thank you very much for your reply,I added filtering tests a long time ago and still have problems.Tracking and Tracking(I-PD) as you mentioned will have a significant effect. I think I-PD is more suitable for this kind of working condition。If the response is slow in i-PD mode, can the response be improved by increasing the integral value?

Yes, tuning can improve the response. Increasing the integral gain will help the axis get into position faster. The P and D will help reduce overshoot.

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