iOS and iPadOS Communication with RMCs via SwiftDMCP (plus example apps)

SwiftDMCP is a Swift package that allows Apple platforms (including macOS, iOS, and iPadOS) to communicate with Delta RMCs using the DMCP protocol. Its capabilities include:

  • Reading controller information (controller name, axis configuration information, etc)
  • Reading from and writing to registers
  • Sending commands to axes
  • Reading plot data

Documentation is included in the code files themselves; Xcode’s code completion features will display information about the API.

SwiftDMCP can be downloaded here: (43.5 KB)

The following sample projects (iOS/iPadOS) demonstrate how to use SwiftDMCP:

SwiftDMCPExampleSimple (59.8 KB)
This app allows the user to choose an address and write a value to or read a value from that address.

SwiftDMCPExampleGearAxis (40.2 KB)
This app provides the user with six sliders that adjust the values of addresses %MD56.0 through %MD56.5. If axes are geared to these variables using RMCTools, the app can then be used to adjust the positions of the axes.

SwiftDMCPExample6DOF (89.3 KB)
This app was initially developed to work with the 6DOF Stewart Platform RMCTools project and simulator, then updated for a more recent iteration of the physical platform. In addition to tilting the platform to match the device’s orientation, the user can also select from a variety of predefined motions, or manually set position and rotation.