maximum theoretical acceleration and the actual controlled a

What is the relationship between the maximum theoretical acceleration and the actual controlled acceleration

The maximum theoretical acceleration provided by the mechanical engineer is 1000mm/s2,But actually, I can only use 30% of the theoretical acceleration, which is unstable over this value.
I want to know if it’s normal.
How to calculate their relationship?What determines the relationship between them?

The theoretical acceleration will usually be a little faster than the actual acceleration because there is always some imperfections that aren’t accounted for in the theoretical calculations.

The mechanical engineer should not be that far off. 5-10% difference I can understand.
The RMC acceleration is really an average acceleration. The peak acceleration is 1.5 times the average.
Also, as the actuator accelerates the velocity and flow increase. This reduces the maximum acceleration force as velocity increases.

Can you provide the data so I can do the calculations?
What is the application.

This is the calculation provided to me by the mechanical engineer, but it is in Chinese.
I am free to try to translate. There are too many professional terms. My English is not very good. It’s a little difficult to translate for me :slight_smile: .
HD-JS-FM-ZJW-Z51-0034-01-S008行走加速度计算.docx (40.8 KB)