Upload plots from excel back to back

This example is for continuously uploading consecutive plots from Excel using RMCLink. RMCLink itself includes an example that uploads plots, but that example requires a sufficient delay between plots to upload them. The example presented here can upload plots for a motion cycle that does not pause. This method uses Plot Template 0 and Plot Template 1, which need to be identical. The user program needs to send Start Plot 0 command for the first cycle, then Start Plot 1 for the next cycle, then Start Plot 0 for the next cycle, ect. A user program is attached that starts one plot template for extend and other for retracting.

Note: Plot lengths shorter than 1.5 seconds may result in some plots not being uploaded.
PlotUploadPingPong.rmcproj (80 KB)
RMC150PlotUploadPingPong.xlsm (373 KB)
RMC200PlotUploadPingPong.xlsm (378 KB)
RMC70PlotUploadPingPong.xlsm (379 KB)