Connecting Delta RMCs to Beckhoff


A Beckhoff TwinCat device can communicate with an RMC motion controller via EtherNet/IP.

Beckhoff currently has two listed EtherNet/IP scanner options:

• TwinCat driver for using one of the PC’s existing Ethernet ports as an EtherNet/IP master:
• Dedicated EtherNet/IP master device (plug into rack) (includes its own Ethernet ports):

Setting up the communications is similar to adding any IO Device in TwinCAT, simply follow the steps provided below.

In the I/O tree under Devices add a new item ( Ethernet/IP Scanner -> for configuring on of the Ethernet ports as Ethernet/IP or Ethernet/IP Scanner ( EL6652) -> if using the hardware module) .

Then under the newly created Device ( TC3 EIP Scanner) add a new item ( Generic Ethernet/IP slave ) and use the Delta EDS file to configure the Box .

This will create an IO Connection where mapping to/from Delta F42 registers can be accomplished.


This is the link to Beckhoff Infosys : (